Sam Slaughter




When You Cross That Line (There Will Be Words, 2015)
God in Neon (Lucky Bastard Press, 2016)


“How to Start a Cult” – Flying Saucer Magazine

“Mercy” – Touchstone
“Just One Time” – Ann Morris Award for Fiction
“Puppy Love” Drafthorse

“Courtship” – Four Chambers
“In the Form of a Question” – Touchstone (Editor’s Award for Fiction Prize)
“Drivers Ed” – Crab Fat Magazine
“Snackraments” – Rolling Thunder Quarterly
“Wanted: Hippos” – Mad Scientist Journal 

“Fame in the Graveyard” – The Circus Book
“God in Neon”– The Heavy Contortionists
“A Shot for Father Stephen” – Deep Water Literary Journal
“Doughnut Boy” – Torn Pages Anthology
“Frozen Jonas”Drunk Monkeys
“Welcome to Milwaukee” – Midwestern Gothic
“Burying the Johnboat” – Fried Chicken and Coffee
“The Dead Rabbits Society” — Queen’s Mob Teahouse (forthcoming)
“Pierogies”The Wardrobe (Summer Flash Fiction Contest Runner-up)
“Slugs” — Cheat River Review
“Ghost Dance” — Hobo Camp Review


“Burying the Dog” — The Swamp


“Everything I Learned in Life, I Learned from Duke Nukem” – Instigatorzine

“Peak Performance” – New Jersey Press Award for Feature Writing

“Cannibalizing Your Friends and Family: Crafting Significant Stories” – Tedx Talk
“Review of New Food” – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
“Book that Changed My Life” – Drunken Odyssey Podcast
“How working in the service industry has made me a better writer” – Dear English Major
Interview with Charles Dodd White – The Southern Literary Review
Stetson University Graduate Commencement Speaker
“Craft Brewed Idiot” – Drunken Odyssey Podcast
“Saltine” – South85
“Church Wine” – Drunken Odyssey Podcast
“2015: The Year of Indie Lit”Atticus Review
“6 of My Favorite Lists About Books of 2014”Up The Staircase Quarterly

“6 Ways to Write for Yourself While Writing for Everyone Else”Dear English Major
“Oddness & Unhappiness: An Interview with Sam Slaughter”Revolution John
“Art, Craft, and Balance Beams: The Book Review”Atticus Review
“The Global Barfly’s Companion #4: Sea Vista Tiki Bar”The Drunken Odyssey
“100 Reviews of Solitude”– Atticus Review
“A Beginner’s Guide to AWP” – Dear English Major
“A Beginner’s Guide to AWP: Practical Edition” – Dear English Major
“5 Literary Spirits to Get You Through Workshop” — Yemassee Blog
“My Top 5 Books of 2015” — Yemassee Blog
“My Mentor” — Stetson Magazine


“Heart and Guts: On Choosing the Leave My MFA Program” — Dear English Major


“Introduction”— Bar Folk 



Review of Draft: A Journal of Process – The Review Review
Review of God Bless America by Steve Almond  Rougarou

Review of Bellingham Review –The Review Review
Review of Collapsar – The Review Review
Review of A Shelter of Others – The Southern Literary Review
Review of Many Rivers to Cross – The Southern Literary Review
Review of Southern California Review – The Review Review
Review of Where Alligators Sleep by Sheldon Lee Compton – Atticus Review
Review of The Committee on Town Happiness by Alan Michael Parker – Heavy Feather Review
Review of Seeking Its Own Level – Catch & Release
Review of Fence – The Review Review
Review of A Tree Born Crooked by Steph Post – Heavy Feather Review
Review of The Sheltering by Mark Powell – The Southern Literary Review
Review of In the Season of Blood & Gold by Taylor Brown – Heavy Feather Review
Review of Drunk Monkeys – The Review Review

Review of Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky by David Connerly Nahm – Anonymous Book Review
Review of The Great Florida Craft Beer Guide by Mark DenoteDrunken Odyssey Podcast
Review of GiganticThe Review Review
Review of Tehran Noir ed. by Salar AbdohDigging Through the Fat
Review of Down In the River by Ryan Blacketter – Small Press Book Review
Review of Master’s Review Volume 3 ed. by Lev Grossman – Small Press Book Review
Review of American Short FictionThe Review Review
Review of Where All Light Tends to Go by David Joy – Entropy
Review of True Places Never Are by Cate McGowan – Digging Through The Fat
Review of Witchita Stories by Troy James Weaver — Small Press Book Review
Review of On The River Down Where They Found Willy Brown by Theodore Wheeler — Small Press Book Review
Review of Blood Brothers by Ernst Haffner — Digging Through The Fat
Review of Mosh It Up by Mindela Ruby — Gloom Cupboard
Review of Scrapper by Matt Bell Heavy Feather Review
Review of If Not For This by Pete FrommBlot Lit Reviews
Review of After the Gazebo by Jen Knox — Digging Through The Fat
Review of The Domino Diaries by Brin-Jonathan Butler — The Manual
Review of The New York Stories by Ben Tanzer — Small Press Book Review
Review of Mr. Boardwalk by Louis Greenstein — Gloom Cupboard
Review of Dear Daughter by Elizabeth Little — Rhizomatic Ideas
Review of No Moon by Julie Reverb — Digging Through The Fat

Workshops, Events, and Conferences

Sigma Tau Delta Alumni Reading, Elon, NC

Key West Literary Seminar Writers Workshop
There Will Be Words 34

Sundress Academy for the Arts Resident, Spring 2015
Guest Editor, Cahoodaoodaling Issue #17 “Grit by the Glass”
“Writing Booze” Cocktail/Creative Writing Class, Creator — July 2015
Shark’s Parlor Reading Series, October 2015


Guest Editor, AnthropoidBar Folk Folio
“Cocktails and Creative Writing” Workshop — August 2016
Shark’s Parlor Reading Series, May 2016


Key West Literary Seminar Alumni AWP Reading, AWP 2016
“Voices Out of Place: Creative Writing in Foreign Languages and Foreign Lands.” — AWP 2016